A50 Samsung price in Pakistan
A50 Samsung price in Pakistan

A50 Samsung price in Pakistan

Samsung is coming up with a blasting addition to its Galaxy range with Galaxy A50 smartphone. Prepare yourself for a never-ending rollercoaster of socializing, gaming, and entertainment. This phone acquires the latest technology for fast swipes and promising reliability. It operates on a 90 (Pie) android version along with a 4x 2.3 GHz Octa-core processor. It comes with a super capacity of 128 GB built-in memory and 4 GB RAM.  More than enough to keep the most substantial applications, videos, and stores uncountable pictures and documents. With this vast memory, you wouldn’t need a memory card, but if you do, it can also take a 512 GB supportive card.

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A phone with the best camera is what every user’s demand. A50 will leave the users speechless with its 25 MP front and rear camera. It doesn’t need to tell since everyone is well-aware of the quality that Samsung has been providing since the company launched its first product. One cannot count even a single feature that Samsung does not have in its mobile phone.

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A50 contains a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, providing a talk time of 23 hours and fast charging so you can have an endless chat with friends and family.A50 devices will come with fingerprint sensors for high security. The screen size of these sets will be 6.4 inches, made with AMOLED panel to deliver an excellent display. Samsung is now using an LCD screen in its sets, to reduce the prices. If you wondered how com this brand is providing the best specifications at a reasonable price? Well, this is the answer. Since so many brands are now making efforts to get the top position in the market, this is an attractive initiative by Samsung to prove itself the best brand in terms of prices and features. So just go ahead and grab your Galaxy A50 before it runs out of the market.

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