Android TV box retail price in Lahore is not available. An android tv box is a smart device that connects to a TV and allows you to play games, movies, and different TV shows.  Android tv boxes have gained immense popularity as they offer many advantages. They give you leverage to surf the internet and stream videos on your regular TV.

The working procedure of these TV boxes is simple. You have to connect your TV to the android smart Box and set up an internet connection, either wired or wireless. After the connecting process is completed, you can install any app to play videos such as Youtube. You can even run Netflix, Hulu, etc. to watch videos if you are subscribed to these sites.

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This device gives better input and output options than Smartphones. For instance, Android TV boxes can provide a TV HD view by outsourcing HDMI. Remote control or mouse are also used for input. These portable boxes can almost turn any Television in a smart TV with a variety of options.

While the primary use of these boxes is to let users stream their favorite videos on TV, they have other purposes too. Users can install any app from google play store on their TV just like they do on their smartphones. So many of your favorite apps can be installed and used, giving your television a computer like a feature. Be it reading your documents, emails, or checking the weather while playing videos.

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As the name implies, these devices run on the Android operating system (versions can vary). Most devices present 1GB RAM and storage varies from 4GB to 8GB. Some even offer a microSD card slot.

Equipment comes at various sizes and prices. From low-cost android boxes to high ends, all are available in Pakistan. Some of the best options are listed below:

  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
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