Galaxy S10 vs. samsung s8 camera specs Shootout: Is It Worth the Upgrade?
Galaxy S10 vs. samsung s8 camera specs Shootout: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Today  will share you some samsung s8 camera specs analysis.The samsung Galaxy S10 marks the greatest redesign for Samsung’s leader handsets since 2017’s Galaxy S8. Furthermore,  like the S10 now, the S8 was one of the best cell phone cameras of its day, exhibiting especially solid execution in testing illuminated and low-light situations.

Comparison of  the specs

The most clear distinction between the Galaxy S10 and S8, as far as photography, comes in the quantity of cameras on the back of the telephone. The S10 has three of them: an essential, double pixel, 12-megapixel sensor that can likewise change its opening on the fly between f/1.5 and f/2.4; a 12-MP zooming focal point that empowers 2x optical zoom; and a 16-MP wide-edge focal point, which is a first for the Galaxy S line.

The samsung s8 camera specs, then again, has just a single camera on the back. This shooter is additionally a 12-MP sensor of the double pixel assortment, however it comes up short on the variable-opening component presented in a year ago’s Galaxy S9, which means it’s obliged to f/1.7 consistently.

On the facade of the S8, there’s a 8-MP camera for selfies, while the S10 has a 10-MP sensor, inset inside the telephone’s showcase, gap punch style. (For much more selfie cams, consider the Galaxy S10 Plus, which includes a second 8-MP, profundity detecting shooter for progressively exact bokeh impacts when taking self-representations.)

Times Square s10& samsung s8 camera specs

The Galaxy S8 keeps great pace with the S10 through this first correlation. There’s a great deal of data here, however on the off chance that you look carefully, you can see little zones where the S10 beats the more seasoned telephone. The shadows don’t dark very as much detail, there’s more shading in the structures the more remote back you go, and the sky is a more splendid, more full shade of blue with increasingly obvious mists.

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All things considered, the distinctions in this first next to each other correlation aren’t obvious to the point that the S10 truly demonstrates its value. In beautiful conditions like these, the most recent Galaxy handset isn’t considerably more skilled than Samsung’s two-year-old telephone.

Road Signs s10 & samsung s8 camera specs

The S10’s qualities become progressively evident once we toss 2x zoom in with the general mish-mash. One of the S10’s three cameras is a zooming focal point, which implies it cuts a truly thin field of view, pulls the foundation in and is ideal for optical zoom. The S8 has just a solitary focal point, so it’s screwed over thanks to great, out-dated computerized zoom.

As a result of that fax, the S10 can pull off 2x zoomed shots that are unquestionably more fresh and beautiful than the S8’s would ever be. The content in the city signs is more honed through the S10’s focal point, the silver of the post is more splendid, and there’s far less clamor in a portion of the darker territories on the yellow traffic lights and walk signs.

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Representation s10 & samsung s8 camera specs

With the S10’s numerous focal points, it can likewise pull off traps that are best finished with stereoscopic focal points, similar to pictures with bokeh foundation obscure. A few telephones, similar to Google’s Pixel 3, achieve this convincingly through programming alone. Be that as it may, the S8 doesn’t have any element of the sort.

Accordingly, on your S8, you’re not going to get those sensational, shallow-profundity of-field shots that the S10 pulls off so well. In any case, even close to the haze segment, the S10 just deals with an inside and out better picture of my partner Caitlin here, with lighting that is all the more even and differentiate that isn’t exactly so extraordinary.


Samsung’s most prominent steps have been made in low light, which the S10 shows with this great shot taken inside the passage to the Tom’s Guide office.

The S8 isn’t as gifted in hauling point of interest out of the features, especially inside the light installations, and it doesn’t render the stone roof with a remarkable same warmth and shading. The view outside the passage is a lot hazier too, with the second story of the structure straightforwardly over the road completely lost in blinding white.


This shot ended up being the most testing of the pack, between the dim corners of the theater’s exterior, the glow from the knobs and the serious light from the sky emanating out of the upper right of the casing.

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These troublesome conditions showed themselves in detectable focal point flare that tormented the two telephones’ pictures. In any case, the impact isn’t exactly as diffused on the S10, permitting the left-hand side of the photograph to be rendered in distinct lucidity. The finished example of the roof, the red block of the auditorium’s outside divider and even the publication close to the inside are for the most part significantly more noticeable on the fresher telephone’s shot. Then again, the S8 smooths out these subtleties and neglects to hold any shading in the sky.

Main concern

In the event that there was any uncertainty, the Galaxy S10 is a general preferred camera over the Galaxy samsung s8 camera specs — however at that point, you would accept a fresher telephone would outflank a forerunner from two years before it.

What are all the more fascinating are the specific manners by which the S10 beats its progenitor. In immaculate lighting and circumstances where you wouldn’t utilize 2x optical zoom, picture impacts or anything of the sort, the S10 doesn’t offer a huge preferred standpoint. Truth be told, we were inspired by how well the more established telephone has held up after this time, particularly in the Times Square photograph shoot.



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