The lowest retail price of Google Chromecast in Pakistan is Rs. 2,100, and the average cost, estimated at around Rs. 2,212.

What is Google Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a device that allows you to watch videos, movies, and other internet searches on your Television. If you find your mobile phones too small to enjoy streaming videos and you do not own a smart TV, then no worries. Chromecast gives solutions to all these problems and allows web surfing on your TV under your control.

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How does google Chromecast work?

All you need for this device to work is a secure Wi-Fi connection, a smartphone or PC, and, of course, a television. Google Chromecast works via connecting to the HDMI port of your Television. Using this connection to the HDMI port of your TV, the Chromecast provides for videos and web pages onto your Television. The user does not need a remote controller but instead can use his phone, computer, or laptop to operate the television streaming.

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The 1st generation Chromecast comes in the broader size pen drive. It has a plastic body. A USB cable, attached at the back of the device, plugs into the HDMI port of your Television. Google Chromecast has a storage of up to 2 GB and a RAM of 512 MB. It can play videos at a quality of 1080p, which is quite remarkable for its price. Keep in mind, the device supports Wi-Fi 802.11 technologies and can connect only to 2.5 GHz frequency bands.

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Chromecast supports a wide range of apps, including Netflix, Sky TV, YouTube, Watch ESPN, Pandora, etc. Moreover, you can view what you see on your phone or laptop on the big screen of the TV. You can cast any web page in Chrome, and it appears on the TV. Also, when not playing any videos, you can choose a beautiful wallpaper to display on to your Television screen.


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