Remote Controlled Dog Training Collars
Remote Controlled Dog Training Collars

Remote Controlled Dog Training Collars

A+ Trainer 800 Yards Range Remote Dog Training Collar

This collar will adjust from 3.7″ to 22.3″ and is recommended for a dog between 10-100 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Shock, vibration and beep deterrent modes
  • 800 yards range; water resistant
  • 5-years warranty

Cost: $45

Bousnic Dog Training Collar

  • Safe, Effective, Humane Training Modes — These Bousnic shock collar for dogs offer customized Static Shock (1-16) and Vibration(1-8) levels, as well as a standard “Tone” mode. These variable stimulations can be tailored to your dog’s temperament, while the adjustable nylon collar fits 0-27” in length.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Versatility — The remote for this dog training collar can reach up to 1,000’, allowing you to train dogs in the backyard, the park, or anywhere else. The remote also features a dual channel to support training 2 dogs simultaneously.
  • Premium, Ergonomic Design — The easy-access button sizes and simpler format are easier to operate for pet owners and help dogs learn commands more effectively. A premium training collar for expert trainers.

Field Star Best Dogtra E Collar Training For Dogs

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This dog training collar comes with a remote that allows you to control deterrents up to 3/4 a mile away and to sweeten the deal, it comes with a collapsible food or water dish.

Key Features:

  • Low and high shock stimulation
  • 2 hour to fully charge; fully waterproof
  • 3/4 mile remote range

Cost: $240

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Mothca Dog Training Collar With Remote

Each deterrent has its own button on this remote making it easy to do as you want immediately after a bad behavior; no need to switch between modes and miss the teaching opportunity.

Key Features:

  • 100% water resistant
  • 1800 ft remote range
  • Shock, beep and vibrations modes
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Cost: $45


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