Samsung A9 price in Pakistan
Samsung A9 price in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung A9 price in Pakistan is Rs. 79,999.

While a user purchases a smartphone in such a range, it is his right to have the best features on the phone. Samsung always delivers and fulfils the expectations by providing the quality it offers in the most reasonable rates. Galaxy A9 is a set that meets all the requirements of exclusivity. This phone operates over 8.0 Oreo Android version with Octa-core processor.

A phone with such price is expected to hold a perfect camera, more responsive touch, high storage capacity, dual SIM availability and attractive design. And Galaxy A9 beats every other phone with its features and price tag. As compared to the other mid-range phones, Samsung acquires the specifications of premium phones in the range of Rs. 10,0000 and above, which is actually a surprising difference.

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Galaxy A9 comes with four rear cameras. Not one, two or three, four cameras on the backside of mega-pixels 24, 10, 8 and 5. It looks like a dream come true for all the photography freaks. Now you are able to capture DSLR photos without having a DSLR. A 24 MP front camera is also on the phone, ready to make posh selfies for you.

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This device contains the display of 6.3 inches with 1080 x 2220 resolution, builds on the latest technology called Super AMOLED. Because a smartphone without a proper response does not earn, it’s worth. And who likes to hang up by the bugs of the unresponsive screen. Lately, as some complaints were received about a slow response in Samsung phone, the company started to work on its technology to modify it with the advancement. So that these issues never occur in the near future. Even though the competition is getting very tough in the market, but Samsung is still in the front row. Because of the reliability, it is providing to the customers.



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