Samsung denies new Galaxy S10 5G phone burnt from malfunctioning
Samsung denies new Galaxy S10 5G phone burnt from malfunctioning




This article will explain the Samsung denies new Galaxy S10 5G phone burnt from malfunctioning

The tech giant, which three years ago was convinced into an expensive and  global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 devices over exploding batteries, told AFP an “external impact” had caused the damage issue, rather than an internal glitch issue.

However the smartphone user, who asked to be identified by his surname Lee, claimed his Galaxy S10 5G phone had burnt or damaged “without reasons”.

The phone user says “My phone was on the table when it started smelling burnt and smoke soon engulfed the phone,” Lee told AFP, adding: “I had to drop it to the ground when I touched it because it was so hot.”

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He said that he not  done anything wrong  to the samsung phone, which was left beyond repair since “everything inside o phone was burnt”.

Samsung company refused to reimburse for the $1,200 phone, Lee added.

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The electronics giant has touted its new Galaxy phones as the world´s first available smartphones with built-in 5G communications.

The model was released on April 5 as South Korea aims to take the lead in new technologies that experts say will transform the way of lives for millions of people.

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The claim came after the South Korean firm posted a 56.9 percent drop in net profits year-on-year Tuesday amid a weakening chip market and rising competition.

Samsung last week delayed the release of its $2,000 foldable phone — Galaxy Fold — over screen problems, saying it “needs further improvements”.

The 2016 recall cost Samsung Electronics — the world´s biggest smartphone and memory chip maker — billions of dollars and shattered its global image.


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