Samsung galaxy c series price in Pakistan
Samsung galaxy c series price in Pakistan

Samsung galaxy c series price in Pakistan

Samsung carried the C series with C5, C7, C9 and C9 pro. C5 and C7 were launched in July 2016 and C9 and C9 Pro were launched in November 2016. Further with the popularity of C5 and C7, It came up with C7 pro in February 2017, C5 pro in march 2017 and also with C8 in October 2017. C8 was the last phone of the series till now. All of the C series phones are well equipped with latest technologies and features. These phones operated on the recent android versions, initially, 6.0 then were upgraded to 7.1 in C8. The processor remains Octa-core in all ranges. Other features, like camera, screen resolution, dual SIM mode, display size were almost the same among them.

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While designing and manufacturing C series, the aim of Samsung company was to introduced smartphones which are equipped with all desired features and elegant body. It will not be wrong to mention that Samsung especially paid attention to the designed. And in the race to come on top, Samsung launched this series with full enchanting colours. Other than Gray and White, Gold andPink Goldwere the colours Samsung brought up in the C series.

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“Samsung added new elements in terms of design and functions of the Galaxy C series, aiming to create smartphones that best fit users’ daily usage. Samsung believes smartphones are not only communication devices but also symbols of status and indispensable accessories of modern society. We paid extra attention to the design: the outer metallic look of Galaxy C Series enriches its fashionable touch, making it the top pick for users on the hunt for trendy and stylish gadgets,” these are the words of Yiyin Zhao, vice president of IT and mobile business, Samsung, Honk Kong.

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