Samsung Ipad price in Pakistan varies with different products. The price range varies from as low as PKR 15,000 to as high as pkr. 110,000/- Samsung Ipads generally not called Ipads instead, Samsung tablets.  Samsung offers a vast range of tablets to its customers.

One more service offered by Samsung is that you can customize your tablet after purchase. Like you want to expand the storage or upgrade the processor? You can easily do that if you have a Samsung tab. This offer is exclusive to Samsung and not offered by other brands.

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Samsung remarkably improved its gadgets in the past few years. It has come a long way and is now providing widgets. This feature allows you to run small apps from your home screen. The google play store supported by Samsung tablets has upgraded its game too. It offers a majority of applications.

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The Samsung tablets are built on the Android operating system. The newer tablets have android version 9.0 (Pie) They offer incredible storage of about 32-64 GB with RAM as high as 4-8 GB. Yes, you heard it right! The newest tablet launched by Samsung is S6. This tab is high-end that offers 8GB RAM with 256 GB of internal memory.

All recent tablets are compatible with Windows 10. Recent launches by Samsung not only focus on providing entertainment. They allow users for productivity work. Features like Microsoft office and different editors are inbuilt. You no longer have to worry about carrying your laptop everywhere for office work. Your Samsung tab provides you with just the right medium.

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Mid-range and high-end Samsung tablets even provide sim card slots. They are equipped with fast processors and graphics units to handle multitasking efficiently. Dual cameras feature almost in all tabs by Samsung. Samsung is giving neck to neck competition to all the brands in the industrial market.



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